11 CBD-Dominant Weed Strains That Many Users Love

All around the world people are considering CBD oil use to gain relief from their medical condition. However, all the official studies made about CBD are still in its infancy. Nowadays, medical professionals may informally recommend CBD, but most of them do not suggest any dosing schedules or their levels. Due to this reason, physicians are often hesitant to prescribe CBD in their treatment plan..

Below are some various CBD dosing recommendations from users that are meant for people as well as pets.

In many cases, the law does not allow doctors to prescribe cannabinoids to their patients. The main reason is there is a lack of universal dosage standards. Besides, doctors have never studied about CBD therapy. Generally, pharmacology presents a medical curriculum that resolves all around patented drugs.

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The following are a few things that you must consider to know the CBD dosage needed.

Lab testing reports

To know the real vitality of CBD, serious testing of CBD is very important. Customers should know very well about the products that they are using – what are the actual ingredients as well as potency levels that the product claims to have?

Product testing is usually done by a few selected labs, based upon their products in question and also the date of their manufacture.

Consulting any licensed veterinarian

There is no sufficient research done to fully understand about perfect dosage recommendations for CBD oils meant for pets. However, veterinarians have performed plenty of cross-referencing with various industries to offer CBD dosing suggestions meant for your pets.

Therefore, to make sure that you are using the exact CBD dosage, you must always consult a licensed vet. This will be considered even more important in case if your pet is already on prescribed medications prescribed.

Dosages by looking at product potency level

Various CBD products may contain many different CBD levels and concentrations. You need to pay attention to product type and also the dosage to decide which potency level you must select for answering your needs.

As most of the CBD oils can be full-spectrum and organic, so you may need lesser CBD in your dose as compared to any other source of CBD which may be using a broad-spectrum or single-molecule product.

Recommended dosage

You must always start with small by taking lower doses. Many different variables will determine the correct CBD dosage meant for any individual based on genetics, environment, diet, metabolism, weight, and purity of your product itself.

When all of those things work in tandem, an effective dose level gets created. The recommended dose does not work for everyone. So, a more effective strategy is to start with a minimum recommended dose mentioned on your product packaging, then move slowly up from there until you achieve the desired results.

In short, start with a small dose and gradually increase the dosage.